Below is an excerpt from my recently published short story ‘Awakening’. I leave it here for anyone passing through, in the hope that it might spark of new line of thinking in those who read it... The full short story can be found here.

“There once was a time when…

Written by D. C. O’Brien and Dr. Dermot O’Brien

Recently the European Central Bank put out a request for comment and feedback about the potential of a digital European currency. A few short years ago, this would have seemed an unlikely prospect, however as a testament to how quickly and…

by Dinidh C. O’Brien. Part of a series on the Pan-European movement and why in order to overcome the challenges that nationalism and division pose, we must stand together as Europeans, more united than ever.

Conceptual European Passport

When I lived for more than a decade in America, if someone asked me where…

I asked the trees
From whence they came,
They smiled at this and danced again,
Then pointed limbs to moonlit sky,
As if to say ‘Look not at I’.

I asked the moon
What she might know,
Of how such wonder came to grow,
With silent grace her gaze she cast,
Upon the wind now rolling passed.

I asked the wind
The same once more,
His voice from howl to mighty roar,
‘Ask not the wind I only sow,
In Earth alone can giants grow.’.

A mount I climbed
To have her tell,
But on that peak to knees I fell,
For in response she shook the ground,
And seed burst forth with ancient sound.
And as the Earth
Her words she sang,
From tiny seed
A forest sprang,
Though I now know from whence they came,
In trees the magic still remains.

Great again.
Great like ball games
And road trips,
American flags
And church potlucks.
Great like a home-cooked meal at six
Respect for your elders
And actual conversation.
Great like homecoming dances
And the national anthem;
Love for Flag, God and Country,
To thee, I pledge.
Great like soda fountains,
And Drive-Thru movies
The Ten Commandments
And those damn commie bastards.
Great like
The perpetual and proud…

I’m tired of it all.

I’m tired of rational, respectful discourse and nuance being dead. I’m tired of cut-throat partisanship and the discarding of morals and decorum. I’m tired of people trivialising communication, reducing it to cartoon faces and worn-out memes. I’m tired of true relationships being slain at the…

You are not alone.

You are not alone in looking at the environment and wanting to cry. You are not alone in feeling as though you are witnessing the collapse of society and being helpless. You are not alone in looking at our governance and feeling frustrated and fearful about…

There once lived a ruler whose skin was so thin,
That none of his subjects could even begin,
To open their mouths without hurting his pride,
But such is the issue with having no hide.

He reigned from his castle, so fine were its halls,
But nothing compared to its great…

Abandoned American Flag — Photograph taken by the author.

A brief exploration of the socio-political division and shifting populace interactions America is currently experiencing. This is the second instalment in a series of micro-articles written for and published in the Lakewood Observer. Published date: 08/08/18.

The run up to the election in 2016 marked a paradigm shift in the…

Exploring immigration, xenophobia and the dichotomy of identity that America is currently facing. This is the first instalment in a series of micro-articles written for and published in the Lakewood Observer. This article was first published on 04/17/18.

When I arrived in the United States ten years ago, the idea…

D. C. O'Brien

D. C. O’Brien— European author and published journalist. In a former life he was a protestant minister but has since reformed his ways.

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